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You can contact our customer service HERE. During office hours (mo-fr 9.00-17.00 hrs CET) you can get in touch with our service team. Do you have a question or remark about one of our products? Then please visit our FAQ and CONTACT US pages before you fill out our contact form.

You can have complete confidence in shopping anonymously at BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS. Your order is shipped in plain envelopes or boxes without any BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS markings. Upon opening, all you see is a sealed substance, without any labels or marks. At checkout you can choose to have your order shipped with or without track & trace. In your shop account you will find your shipment code, this code will also be send to you by email. Even without tracking you will get proof of shipment by email and in your shop account. Make sure you check your spam folders before you contact us. It could be anything. No one can see that it is an order of grow kits from BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS so let’s order now!

We are able to ship world wide and pick-up stations but and we equally ship out wholesale and retail quantities. 

Sorry to hear you haven’t received your order. We really want everyone to experience the best quality policy be truffles and magic mushroom grow kits! Remember that you can login to your shop account and check the tracking code there.

# Shipping Within the State usually takes 1 to 3 business days to arrive. Depending on your state
# International shipping in Europe usually takes 3 to 4 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking a little longer.
# International shipping outside Europe usually takes 10 to 15 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking a little longer.

How long the shipment takes depends on your location, custom processes and your local postal service. Let us know if your order has not arrived after three (Europe) or five (outside Europe) weeks.

Please send along your original shipping address for confirmation. If you entered a wrong address when ordering, BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS does not take responsibility for the order not arriving.

All products on our website are legal in the Netherlands. If you order from abroad, please check what the law says in your country before you place an order. The responsibility for importing our products, to any country, lies entirely with the customer. 

All products on our website are of top quality. If you order from with us The responsibility for importing our products, to any country, lies entirely with the customer. So yes we ship world wide.

BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS accepts the following payment methods:
BITCOIN – our preferred method of payment as it is private and border-less. More info below.

Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our preferred method of payment as it is private and border less. We have a secured BTC option during checkout with automatic processing. All you need is a digital wallet and Bitcoins which you can set up in 5 minutes. You can buy bitcoins with a credit card, Paypal, bank and other methods. Please use this guide for more information.

BITCOIN CAN ONLY BE USED BY CHOOSING THE BITCOIN OPTION AT CHECKOUT. Do not send payments to old wallet addresses or emails! At checkout you will find a QR code with your order total. Scan the QR code with you wallet and make the payment. It’s easy as 1 2 3 !

The BTC checkout has a timeout, it is not possible to pay later, so you would need to make a new order and pay that if it has expired. Please do not take a screenshot of the QR code to pay later. The address shown is temporary. After the timeout, it will not be valid and your bitcoins might be gone.

We confirm orders manually any time any day, so it’s normal for your status to not change over a weekend. Only order paid with bitcoin will be confirmed automatically by the order system. Please don’t be alarmed and always check the order status in your account for confirmation of receiving payment and shipping. All of our correspondence is done through our customer service so if you don’t find any confirmation of shipping, let us know!