“Set and setting, when referring to a psychedelic drug experience or the use of other psychoactive substances, means one’s mindset (shortened to “set”) and the physical and social environment (the “setting”) in which the user has the experience.[1] Set and setting are factors that can condition the effects of psychoactive substances: “Set” refers to the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood and expectations; “setting” to the physical and social environment.[2] This is especially relevant for psychedelic experiences in either a therapeutic or recreational context.” – Wiki

SET: Essentially – Is your mindset in a place that can accept change? Are you prepared to step outside of your own regular reality allow yourself to perceive things differently? Will you be able to accept these differences in feelings, thoughts, touch, sounds as a healthy part of the experience? 

SETTING: Essentially are you in a space, with a group of people, or in the right environment for the most healthy expression of this opportunity – to step outside of your normal way of thinking – to flourish? Will you feel safe, comfortable, curious, accepted and open for growth in your setting? Will those you’re with be supportive and helpful on your journey?

“Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right”


The mind is such a wonderful, powerful and amazing tool; that can be a double edged sword a times. We are gifted with the ability to create entire universes of fiction, or realms of gods; but we are also able to make up stories of our past of things that never happened, or fear unfounded tragedies for our futures. 

It is undeniable that our minds, and capacity for creating stories, is astonishing. 

By Having a Proper MindSET, one can avoid the “bad trips” that people hear about when others have tried psychedelics. Usually these “bad trips” are because the explorer was uniformed, unprepared and over-consumed. 

Let’s Debunk a few Myths to help you have a better MindSET going into your exploration with Psychedelics. 


One aspect of mindSET that is very important is Expectations. By setting expectations for your experience, there can be a specified desired outcome. When someone expects or desires an outcome, they can become frustrated or upset when their preferred outcome isn’t realized. We’ve seen many examples of sober people becoming mentally unstable from the wrong food order bring brought to them, or traffic causing them to get their later than they expected, or not being able to find the item they lost – that isn’t where they expected it to be. 

If you attempt to mentally plan your psychedelic experience to follow a certain schedule or go a certain way, you’re not only setting yourself up for a potential upset, you’re also  attempting to put too much control on something that is going to teach you by stepping you outside of your comfort zone. 

On one of my expansions, before consuming Ayahuasca at a ceremony in Peru, our Shamen told us this: “Pat Yourself on the Back. You made it. You Planned The Adventure. Packed Your bags, Took The Flight, Came to the Sacred Valley, Came here this Evening and have Prepared your mind and bodies for this opportunity to learn from Ayahuasca, The Grandmother. Your work is done. You did it. Now as you take this medicine, step into the passenger seat and let the medicine show you what she wants to show you. She is wiser than you will ever be, so let go and listen to her wisdom”

This speech can be perceived as gloriously comforting, or deeply scary; depending on your SET & SETTING. 

If your mind is in a place where it can let go, knowing it will be safe in it’s exploration and that it will return to full control in  a set amount of time; you can have some beautiful things shows to you, connections with nature, with others and yourself. 


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