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  • Adventures of Fun Gus Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies


    Have an adventure with Fun Gus Magic Mushroom Gummies!

    Adventures of Fun Gus Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies Episode #1 is the newest and one of our favorite gummies to hit the market! Whether you’re looking to micro dose or get on a full trip, Fun Gus is the gummy for you! Great tasting and highly potent with a contrast of flavors in each gummy. First, each mushroom gummy has magical candy inside each which you can see from the naked eye and once you taste it. Secondly, each amazing bag of psilocybin gummies come with 10-12 pieces so you’ll definitely not finish them in one sitting. As you know, Psilocybin is used for its many benefits such as fighting addiction, depression and much more.

    How should magic mushroom gummies doses be taken?

    Lasty, Adventures of Fun Gus Psilocybin Mushroom Gummies should be taken by micro dose with one piece as suggested. Intermediate trip is suggested at two to four pieces as suggested. Six pieces is suggested as advanced or full trip. We suggest these be taken with caution depending on your level of experience with magic mushrooms gummies.

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  • Amazonian Magic Mushroom Chocolate


    Best mushrooms | Amazonian magic mushroom chocolates, 1000mg Shrooms milk, and chocolate Magic mushrooms are an elegant blend of fair trade organic cocoa and Amazonian magic mushrooms, offering an extraordinary taste followed by a whole aromatic range of warm notes. Perfect for sharing a trip with friends.

  • Bliss mushrooms oakland where to buy


    This milk chocolate isn’t just delicious, but it’s ready to get you lifted! In need of hyping things up? We infused our milk chocolate with Psilocybe cubensis, a species that’s a perfect all-rounder. Expect everything to go into overdrive: high energy levels, excitement, laser-sharp focus, and a grin that spreads from one ear to the…

  • FunGuy Shroom Microdomes | 2000mg


    FunGuy’s Microdomes are the perfect way to microdose, made with mouth-watering juices to open the mind and think clearly throughout the day with no psychedelic trip. With one dome every other day, one can feel improved energy, wakefulness, creativity, and even less stress.

  • Magic Kingdom Chocolate Bar


    Magic Kingdom Chocolate Bar For Sale Magic Kingdom Gummies is one of the newest psilocybin chocolate bars on the market. Each bar is made of 4 grams of the finest Belgian magic blend shroom chocolate.  They are one of the most sought-after chocolate edibles on the market at the moment. Each of these chocolate edibles…

  • One Up Gummies Ape 3.5g


    Experience a mind-bending journey like no other with One Up Gummies Ape For Sale. Each tantalizing gummy in this psychedelic pack weighs a substantial 3.5g, infused with the finest magic mushrooms to unlock a world of enchantment and introspection.

    Unlock the door to a realm of psychedelic wonder with One Up Gummies Ape. Also, you can try out our One Up Gummies Shroomberry

  • One Up Gummies Blue Schnozberry 2.5g


    Step into a world of sensory delight with our One Up Gummies Blue Schnozberry, the perfect companion for your magical journey. Each gummy contains 2.5 grams of the finest, hand-picked magic mushrooms, expertly infused to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience.

    Concerned about storage? Don’t worry; our resealable pouch ensures the freshness and longevity of your Blue Schnozberry gummies. Simply seal the pouch tightly after each use to preserve its flavor and potency.

  • One Up Gummies Magic Apples 2.5g


    Experience a whimsical journey with One Up Gummies Magic Apples! Indulge in the enchanting world of magic mushrooms infused into each delectable gummy. Carefully crafted, these extraordinary gummies will captivate your senses and elevate your experience to new heights.

    Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their freshness. With a recommended storage duration of six months, you’ll have plenty of time to savor these captivating gummies.

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  • One Up Gummies Mixed Flavors 2.5g


    Discover the ultimate indulgence with our One Up Gummies Mixed Flavors Bulk Package! This incredible assortment brings together all the delectable flavors you love, including Watermelon, Blue Schnozberry, Peachie O’s, Magic Apples, Shroomberry, Ape, Shroomnade, and Sour Brite Crawlers. Each gummy weighs a satisfying 2.5g, ensuring a delightful bite-sized experience that will leave you craving more.

    Get ready to embark on a taste sensation like no other. Order now and unlock a world of flavors and possibilities!

  • One Up Gummies Peachie O’s 600mg THC


    One-Up Gummies Peachie O’s offers a delightful twist on gummy treats, combining the irresistible flavors of peaches with a hint of magic mushrooms. Each delectable gummy is infused with 600mg of THC Delta 8, delivering a balanced and euphoric experience like no other. Also, you can try out our One Up Gummies Watermelon

    Please note: These gummies are intended for adult use only. Always consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

  • One Up Gummies Shroomberry 2.5g


    Experience the enchanting world of One Up Gummies Shroomberry, a delectable blend of magic mushrooms infused into irresistibly tasty gummies. These extraordinary treats, each weighing 2.5g, promise an unparalleled journey into the realm of psychedelic wonder.

    To preserve their freshness and potency, store your One Up Gummies Shroomberry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. When stored properly, these gummies have a long shelf life, ensuring you can savor the magical experience whenever the mood strikes.

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  • One Up Gummies Shroomnade 2.5g


    Discover a whole new world of psychedelic delights with our One Up Gummies Shroomnade! These tantalizing gummies, infused with the finest magic mushrooms, are a must-have for any adventure seeker. Each pouch contains 2.5g of pure mind-altering goodness, ready to take you on an unforgettable journey.

    Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our One Up Gummies Shroomnade and elevate your senses to new heights. Get ready to taste the magic, and let the journey begin! Also, you can try out our One Up Gummies Ape