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    Polka dot shroom chocolate bars


    For all others Please check our flavor list in our descriptions below to know which is best for your health and to avoid shipping a flavor that might have issues with your allergies. Choose your flavor and add on the note sector below or at the checkout page. Thanks

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    PolkaDot Mushroom Chocolate Box | Bulk/Wholesale


    Experience the great quality and dependable delivery of our wholesale PolkaDot mushroom chocolate boxes. Discover a new world of flavor and experience with our premium bulk offers that combine craftsmanship with the best of nature.

    1 BOX = 10 PACKS

    If you require a specific flavor or blend, simply leave a message with your preferences after checkout, and we will carefully curate your purchase to match your tastes.

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    Space Caps Chocolate Bar


    For available Space Caps chocolate flavors, kindly place your order with a note of the flavor you want or speak to any of our customer service correspondents on live chat or via email.


    • Space Caps White Chocolate
    • Space Caps Strawberries and Cream
    • Reese’s (Peanut Butter)
    • Milk Chocolate
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    OneUp Milk Chocolate Mushroom


    One Up Milk Chocolate Mushroom Bar is a delightful fusion of rich milk chocolate and the natural goodness of mushrooms.

    Our chocolate bars are made with premium quality milk chocolate, ensuring a velvety smooth texture that melts in your mouth with each bite.