Egyptian Blue Lotus Tea Bags


100% Chemical-free, Organic Blue Lotus unbleached, biodegradable paper tea bags with cotton draw strings.

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100% chemical-free, organic Blue Lotus unbleached, biodegradable paper tea bags with cotton draw strings

The Blue Lotus Flower is one of the most highly vibrational plants on earth, and for that reason, it is considered one of the most sacred. Growing in North and Central Africa, the blue waterlily was originally found along the Nile in Egypt and is pictured across a variety of ancient Egyptian artworks. The Egyptians considered the flower hallucinogenic and believed it to be “the flower that resembled the sun,” which assisted in helping one reach higher levels of consciousness.

The vivid purple and yellow petals cause mild euphoria with gentle consciousness-altering effects. It helps to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body and mind, and it is one of the most effective plants at inducing deep states of meditation as well as enhancing third eye function, lucid dream activity, and increasing remembrance of dreams.

Today, the flower is most commonly used as a sleep aid and an effective anxiety reliever. The flower leaves a slightly sweet and floral aftertaste.

Steep tea bag in hot water.

typically 5–10 minutes until the color of the hot water changes and the aroma becomes noticeable. Add honey or agarve nectar to taste.

Please Note:

Tea can taste bitter if steeped for too long. Please ensure a 10-minute maximum steeping time.

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