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Premium Psilocybin Chocolate Bar


Taste the chocolate, but feel the magic! Start slow with one square to microdose, or eat half the bar and enjoy the trip! 

Not sure how many squares to enjoy? Find your perfect dose with our Dosing Guide!

• 0.33g psilocybin per square
• 4g total psilocybin per bar

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Premium Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

At Trippy Sanctuary, we believe in quality over everything in our supplies, which is why we bring you the best Premium Psilocybin Chocolate Bar. Knowing what’s in your magic mushroom chocolate bar may seem like a given, but without regulations, a lot of the other guys aren’t creating evenly dosed products.

This results in inconsistent trips and bad experiences. We want to ensure your magic mushroom experience is always consistent and reliable, so we meticulously control every step in the production of our products, from spore to sale.

CRUNCH Milk Chocolate
VEGAN Dark Chocolate
Cookies and Cream
Pretzel Milk Chocolate
M&M's Milk Chocolate
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate

Proprietary Psilocybin Blend

Not all mushrooms are created equal; each strain and even each harvest vary in potency. We believe that the best way to create a dependable product is by growing our mushrooms in-house. That creates a proprietary blend of the best and most popular magic mushrooms for a consistent experience with every dose.

Lab Tested

Our expert fungiculturists are constantly adjusting and perfecting our formula so that you always get the same balanced experience every time. We test each harvest and rate the potency of each mushroom to determine what mushrooms will go into our blend. Similar to the way champagne is created with a variety of different grapes, all to create the same exact taste each time.

Our Secret Formula

Our proprietary psilocybin blends are always perfect to achieve the best product possible for our Premium Psilocybin Chocolate Bar. We like to incorporate the finest and most popular magic mushrooms, which vary but may include:
Golden Teacher, Albino Penis Envy, Amazonian, Ghost, Jedi Mind Fuck, Melmak, Trinity, Mazatapec, Yeti, and more.

Shroomiez Premium Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Flavor:

  • Milk Chocolate bar
  • CRUNCH Milk Chocolate bars
  • VEGAN Dark Chocolate bar
  • Cookies and Cream Chocolate bars
  • Pretzel Milk Chocolate bars
  • M&M’s Milk Chocolate bar
  • Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate bar

Milk Chocolate, CRUNCH Milk Chocolate, VEGAN Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Pretzel Milk Chocolate, M&M's Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate


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